Monday, May 7, 2012

iPad is just Apple's plan B

- Prior to that, "apple defect" had planned to produce an ultra-slim tablet slightly, but due to problems from the component supply partners Sharp, the plan went bankrupt.

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iPad third generation is still "king" on the tablet market now, thanks to design ultra-sharp screen Retina, even though this product is slightly thicker and heavier than iPad 2. This aroused much suspicion from the user, by Apple over the years always trim traditional thin (or remain) design after each product release.

Recently, Raymond Soneira, founder, and CEO of DisplayMate Technologies spoke to disclose third-generation iPad is "plan B" of Apple, and "plan A" is an ultra-thin products "They had planned to use a new technology called IGZO from Sharp, the technology that allows them to use the transistor circuit as well as much smaller."

The circuit transistor and a tiny light will easily washed over, meaning that Apple can save the amount of LEDs to use, helping the computer screen thinner. However, some fault lines of the Sharp has made IGZO screen technology is not available right time, and Apple was forced to return to using traditional technology Amorphous Silicon.

"Density Amorphous Silicon ppi screen are pushed higher than ever, but the light passing through it is quite weak. Thus, Apple was forced to double the amount of LEDs and increase the size of the battery to 70%, "says Soneira explains the new iPad thicker than iPad 2.

Richard Shim, an analyst at Display Search also agree with that view: "Technology can IGZO brighter screen, meaning that you do not need to use multiple LEDs and pin-size on screen Amorphous Silicon. "

However, if the product review on the actual consumption of the new iPad, with 11.8 million units shipped iPad (including iPad 2) in the quarter I/2012 and 3 million units 3 days after launch, obviously, it's not a bad plan B.

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