Friday, May 25, 2012

3rd eye mystery

In ancient times, the ancient East, said that the energy emitted from the central parts of man, which the center is the "third eye". So the third eye image is shown on the forehead of the statue of the deity, ancient sculptures in Buddhist temples.
Oriental legend said that the eyes see through all that is God is offering to the gods so that they have extraordinary powers (psychic ability) to see through objects invisible.

A few years ago, world opinion coil on a teacher phenomenon of Americans have a third eye in the back of the neck, and she had long hair covering. Childhood, classmates have for her is Cyclops (a giant eye - the character in Greek mythology).

Dr. Pravdivtsev have discovered mysterious third eye through some experiments can generate bioenergy front forehead. He believes that the third eye can be found in its infancy, but the eye will go away when the baby continues to grow. It left only the heart of the brain (epiphysis) in front of the cerebellum pituitary.

Epiphysis have similar characteristics such as eyes, under the control of the pituitary gland and the eyeball, which means it also has a glass and the color perception function. Epiphysis to the past with cherries, but in their evolution thousands of years, epiphysis was smaller pea due to lack of activity. Epiphysis can have a direct relationship with the special abilities of man.
Ability third eye located in the parietal or occipital bone at the top of the wall from centuries ago.

The eye is very useful for some special purpose. Third eye as a focusing lens maximum transmitted information it receives, to help people monitor a comprehensive around. But during evolution, the eye has moved deep into the brain. So that in works of art, painted Indians third eye in the forehead - the center is capable of information in foreign especially feel invisible. Someone actually capable of penetrating the body such as X-rays.

Researchers famous Russian Voronezh Anatoly Rodionov proved, some gas is abundant, often with vibrant biological field, in some certain conditions the magnetic field can become "the third eye ". He said most people can understand the mysterious third eye. It is important to recognize and exploit the maximum bioenergy sources are subtle, refined but not visible to the naked eye, can help people control the body energy. Voronezh University has applied diagnostic methods through the image in order to train teaching professionals in a new field of biological science, to apply to soil studies, biology, philosophy and psychology school ...

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