Thursday, January 26, 2012

Skin Care, Stretch Marks How to remove stains

The skin plays a very important role with regard to the protection of our body, is actually a protective barrier against the attacks coming from the outside world to access them because this very carefully.

Here are the main functions of the skin: maintaining regular body temperature through sweating, in fact, most of the heat (80%) produced by the body is lost through the skin.

Thanks to its flexibility allows us to "absorb" and rubbing several small strokes and above all we can, through perspiration, the elimination of waste produced by the body.
Last but not least, through its nerve endings, allows us to get in touch with the outside world through touch, allowing us to experience the various sensations of heat, cold and pain.

During the day, so while we are awake, the skin protects us from the sun and pollution, while, when we sleep, it regenerates its own cells.

Skin Care and Vitamin A

The skin of a person young person completely renewed in about a month, but over time the skin loses firmness, can no longer take care of itself and its rate of regeneration it is very compromised. This slowdown is the root cause of the formation of wrinkles and dark spots that are formed usually on the face and hands. Many people find the presence of spots on the skin especially at the end of summer, because exposure to the sun, which this season is more prolonged and frequent, increases the risk of the occurrence of skin spots, especially with the ' advancing age.

The formation of spots is due to an irregular production of melanin , a pigment responsible for skin color, production of which increases according to the stimuli it receives from outside, as in the case of ultraviolet rays, because this pigment has the duty to protect dal'esposizione sunlight.

Normally the skin, once darkened, if not more exposed to the sun, back light, but sometimes, for reasons not yet known, this mechanism does not work perfectly and that's that form stains.
An important role for the care and healthy skin is coated by vitamin A, in addition to the known benefits to the eye, vitamin A also has a great influence on the growth of the skin.
A deficiency of this vitamin makes the skin dry and accentuates the presence of wrinkles. Vitamin A, found especially in carrots, spinach, cantaloupe and promotes the work of the cells thus improving health status. Not only. It is able to activate the production of collagen , a protein that gives elasticity to the skin and most particularly lightens the color of the skin, softening of old age or dark spots caused by the sun, ultimately, collagen smooths wrinkles, improves the process epithelial cell renewal improving the skin's appearance.

Why is it important to take care of the skin

The skin tissue that covers the entire body (the skin is the largest organ of our body) performs important operations in terms of health and for this reason that must be monitored in the same manner as other organs. The skin should not be neglected, because in addition to protect us, is also a good indicator as to the functioning of our body, with good reason the skin can be considered the mirror that reflects the state of health of a person. In fact, changes in skin color, we can provide useful information about the state of general health, as well as the change in temperature, the appearance of lesions, sweating are all warning signs that may indicate the presence of various diseases .

Treatments and Skin Care

As for the stains, in some cases it is sufficient to arm yourself with a little 'patience and wait until they disappear by themselves, in other cases, these are very obvious when you resort to cosmetic treatments with bleaching action but need to be protracted for at least two months with the application of creams or lotions for at least two times a day.
A simple method for DIY removal of brown spots typical of old age is to rub the skin for a few minutes with essential oil of eucalyptus in the morning and evening, or alternatively the castor oil also works.

Simple remedies for skin care

Tonic to cleanse the skin : 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and 2 tablespoons of distilled water mixed together and rubbed on the face and help eliminate skin impurities to acquire balance.

Mask for dehydrated skin : a tablespoon of cream mixed with a slice of ripe melon crushed properly is a good "cream" to be applied on face for fifteen minutes.

Weak capillaries : To avoid this annoying "problem" aesthetic is necessary to take vitamin C and thus meet the needs of our body, very suitable for this purpose are the blueberries, which contain vitamin C in addition to other valuable ingredients to skin.

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