Saturday, January 14, 2012

Send a message from beyond the grave? Do it with Facebook

A new app lets you send a video after the death

A new app on Facebook allows you to record a message which will be published on the user profile after his death. Available for now only in the English version, "If I Die" asks "What are you leaving behind?" And suggests to share or tell a secret that could be the last surprise for the user's friends.

Facebook already offers, of his own, a service that provides that the account 'steps to a better life' when the user dies, turning it into a 'page in memory' visible only to friends. If the day does work in a different way: the video editing is automatic, but must take place before the three friends, trustees chosen by the user, confirming the death occurred. Only when it becomes confirmed, comes the publication of the last message.

And now touch users to choose how they use it. Maybe confessing that he had sex with the wife of one of three 'trustees', during a pleasure-party.

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