Monday, January 30, 2012

First 3D image of a protein Now it is easier to observe the structure

It 'was made ​​the first 3D image of a single protein, which allows us to observe the structure with unprecedented detail.
With an electron microscope that operates at very low temperatures, the researchers of the Laboratory Berkeley, California, published in the journal PLoS ONE image 'naked' of a single protein.

Keeping the sample at very low temperatures, the researchers were able to''take''la'foto a single molecular structure. It 'the first time that this is because so far the 3D images were always obtained with collages of information on thousands or millions of samples of the same type of molecule. What was achieved in this way was a kind of molecule 'average'.

The new technique, called by the same researchers ipet (electron tomography of individual particles), allows you to view the image of individual proteins.

In this way, said Ren Gang, one of the authors of the study, it becomes possible to observe''the personality of the individual molecules with a depth considered unthinkable until now.''Analyze the structure makes it possible to understand the individual flexibility of these structures, observe the moving parts and thus better understand the mechanisms of interaction between biological molecules.

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