Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Orch-OR model

Stuart Hameroff 

At this point the question arose of how it could be the transmission of signals in terms of wave frequencies. One solution has been formulated and medical researcher by Stuart Hameroff anesthesiologist  and mathematician and physicist Roger Penrose.

They took into account the brain microtubules and tubulin dimers assembled in their composition, the assumption that the loss of consciousness caused by anesthetic gases interfere with the passage of electrons between the dimers.

In a nutshell, the model-Orch OR (Orchestrated Objective Reduction-, orchestrated objective reduction) describes the possibility of subatomic particles to cooperate with each other as linked by common electromagnetic fields, which would explain how it could be the transmission of vibrational signals of type in the brain.
A state of ceoerenza, in fact, is typical of super-conductivity of metals led to low temperatures, which become capable of carrying the information (in this case electricity) without any resistance, and here the particles behave as a fact ' single large particle, since all resonate together.
Similarly, according to this study, the isolated quantum systems can remain in a state superimposed (the superposition), and therefore consistent, until it reaches a given threshold (objective reduction) correlated with the principle of quantum gravity, the threshold that turn trigger the collapse of the overlap causing decoherence .

The collapse, when implemented, would lead the transition from pre-consciousness to consciousness (the stream of consciousness would be represented by a "cascade" of events OR), which would be represented as the result of activation of the microtubule that orchestrated involves the whole brain as a whole.

The communication would be through another property of the subatomic world, namely the transmission through the tunneling junctions, this transmission would be aware of the fact that the dendrites might face as a macroscopic quantum state.
Moreover, as the moist heat of our cells can accommodate a phenomenon "orderly" as that of the state of coherence, is attributed to the transition state of fluidity (G) and solid (gel) of the water of the cytoskeleton, regulated by continuous polarization / depolarization of actin filament protein's constituent.
Even the already appointed Jibu Yasue and Mari, a psychologist, a body of theory called Quantum Brain Dynamics, considered the brain the same way as an electromagnetic field.
This model wants region dynamically oriented water around the cells have the function of non-linear optical device of consistency by which cells receive electromagnetic signals from distant sources of light (these signals would be virtual photons).
The passage of these photons would induce the excitation of coherent water molecules begin to vibrate in unison (in accordance with the Orch-OR model, and compared to the size "permeated" the observer with the environment, with the model holonomic Pribram).

The theories and hypotheses considered here, come together for the most part to an address type vitalist about the nature of consciousness. In contrast to the reductionist, and also unlike the functionalist, it refers to an "ingredient" is not physical but must at the base of his operation, which would result from an extension of a fundamental level of reality (and thus comes to the principle of basis of theories of unification). It also leads to redefine the boundaries between material reality and mental reality.

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