Thursday, October 27, 2011

CD Recorders

CD recorders transfer music, video, CDs or other data from various sources such as computers or other CD players. They can be independent or installed or connected to a computer. Computer assisted recorders are usually able to play audio CDs and video as well. They can also create multiple copies of a CD in one session.

CD recorders are commonly used in personal computers, offices, and professional recording studios.

Types according to the method of recording

A single disc of CD

A single disk recorders can record CD or burn a CD at a time. They work with both recordable (CD-R) and rewritable (CD-RW) discs, as well as digital and analog sources. They are ideal for home, office, and other small applications.

Copy of CD

Copying CD recorders can copy data directly from CD or other input devices such as microphones. Usually show a high copying speed option, which records two to four times faster than the computer burners. They are commonly used in professional and commercial applications.

Types according to the disc format

CD-R recorders

CD-R recorders work only with recordable CDs. Label the disc after recording, making permanent the recorded data. Can not be deleted or reused, but the data are protected against formatting.

CD-RW recorders

CD-RW recorders, work in both recordable and rewritable CDs. They can erase and rewrite data to disk, making them ideal for recording direct sources.

Selection of CD (the tips of purchase)

Speed: Choose a CD with a mid-range car speed. Record the fastest speeds, but tend to distort the sound during the transfer. It indicates the speed in two or three numbers - the speed of recording, playback speed, and rewritable discs, the speed of rewriting. Most professionals recommend a 4x write speed on to maintain full sound quality.

Eliminate ways: If you purchase a CD-RW recorder, look for one with several ways to remove to prevent your data from being accidentally deleted. Look for one or more of these tags: all discs, all tracks, multi-track, and a pathway.

Input Options: Select a CD recorder that supports various audio input sources. For standalone recorders, look for one with standard RCA cables for connection to CD players and CD to CD copying. If you use an audio editing software, look for one with a FireWire or USB connection for fast file transfer.

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