Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The amniotic stem cells

It seemed for a while ', the story of amniotic stem cells (undifferentiated cells found floating in the fluid in which the fetus during pregnancy, capable of giving rise to a large number of specialized types of normal cells) were to follow the script already experienced  with the technique devised by Robert Lanza to produce stem cells 'ethical'. Remember? The American researcher showed how it was possible to obtain stem cells from a single cell,
taken within the first few days without destroying the embryo from conception (as is presently the case, taking the entire inner cell mass of the embryo after about a week conception). At first, the applause was general, but after a few days Lanza was the target of violent attacks. Fundamentalist Protestant and Catholic fundamentalists (with the usual support of clerical atheists) had in fact been realized that the technique would further legitimized the in vitro fertilization (the removal of the cell must occur in a test tube), and especially the hated (by them) diagnosis Preimplantation genetic, which uses the same method of sampling used by Lanza, to determine if embryos are affected by serious genetic diseases. Unable to find valid excuses, the fundamentalists and their allies launched a smear campaign then had no scruples, where slander was believed that the American researcher had not achieved the stated objective. Thanks ineptitude or indifference of most traditional media, the lie was good game to marginalize Lanza, whose efforts were successful in the end, paradoxically, only to legitimize the caprices 'ethics' of his detractors.

 It seemed for a moment that we were reviewing amniotic stem with the same script. At first, general enthusiasm here is finally on 'ethical' stem cells! Even those who believe that the day before said they could do everything with adult stem cells (multipotent, ie capable of giving rise to a few cell types), was now to tout the benefits of pluripotent stem cells (capable of originating all human tissues, such as normal embryonic and stem - but see below - new amniotic stem), and who complained of the absence so far of the therapeutic results of embryonic (also isolated in 1998 alone, and always heavily opposed by governments across the world),

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