Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lighting system for the wheels of your bike to Tron

Two different groups of researchers are developing two different lighting systems, but with the same goal, illuminating the inside of the wheels of your bike at night, the style of "Tron."

In order to reduce the risk of collision between motor vehicles and bicycles, Jonathan Ota and Ethan Frier, students of second year of industrial design at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, the U.S. resorted to a to a research grant, Aura to develop the system.

This technology incorporates six sets, each with three LEDs and each LED is a tricolor. Mounted on both wheels, the system LED is powered by a dynamo built into the front hub.

The LEDs light up as soon as the wheels start spinning. The low speed LEDs emit a red light, moving later to white once the bike reaches a certain speed. The system can be turned off during the day, via a switch mounted on the handlebars.

According to Jonathan, "We wanted to make an interesting product that people will want to use and process use, this will provide greater security."

Students are currently working to start marketing the lighting system for bicycle wheels, Aura.

Another lighting system is being developed by Kent Frankovich invention and its partners Pettler Adam and Jim Houk, in San Francisco Bay Area in California. This was named after Revolights and consists of two rings, each with eight LEDs that fit into each of the wheels.

Revolights system is fed a set of lithium battery, mounted on the hub. The lights were calibrated to turn on and off depending on the speed of the wheels so as to illuminate only the front half of the front wheel and a back half of the rear wheel.

Revolight System, and projects light side (like Halo), was also designed to shed light front straight to stay (in the case of front wheel) and the vehicles come back (in the case of rear wheel). As motor vehicles, the front lamp is white and the back is yellow, producing a total of 134 lumens.

Staff is developing Revolights is in the process of raising funds to finish the project and start trading. It is expected that this will be available by the end of the year, for an approximate price of $ 220 (EUR 150).

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