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The facial skin is the body part that requires more care because it is exposed to constant attacks produced by the sun, wind, cold, pollution, etc. ..

by all these factors are deposited in the epidermis some impurities if they are released daily by a good cleaning, clogged pores and skin from either suffocate without oxygen. Really the basis of beauty, is a healthy skin and healthy skin does not exist without a careful and regular cleaning day I would advise mostly at night and morning, and the epidermis is constantly renewed, losing in the process dead cells their replacement by new ones daily cleaning help accelerate this process is very important.
Healthy skin normally has up to 90 percent water and thanks to that stays cool, the function of nourishing the skin, is as important as moisturizing. Several types of skin, qui figure out which of them belong


The skin, considered for centuries as a simple physiological mantle, is actually one of the most complex and important organs of the body. From the histological point of view the skin comprises three layers, epidermis, dermis, hypodermis.


It is the most superficial and is formed by a series of cells arranged in layers or strata. The deepest layer is called the basal or germinative layer, consists of a row of living cells, cylindrical, vertically disposed, and are in a continual process of reproduction. The new cells undergo major changes in physical-chemical, so when they have lost wing area vital characteristics, becoming dead cells filled with keratin, thus, the outermost layer of skin called stratum corneum performs a very important barrier function, protecting underlying tissues from external aggressions.


The dermis is held by a specialized tissue composed of a series of fibers that form a tight mesh that gives the skin characteristics of turgor and elasticity. The fibers are:

Collagen fibers. The most important protein of the skin, as it ensures the structure and strength of the fabric.

Elastin fibers. Are those that ensure the resilience of the whole.

Reticulin fibers. Binding protein that ensures the cohesion of the fibers together and the epidermis. This plot is bathed in a fibrous substance called substance based, gelatinous consistency is important because of water retention. The role of the dermis is of vital importance from the aesthetic point of view.


It is a layer in which specialized cells called lipositos produce and store fat. This fat layer, also known by the name of adipose tissue is an insulator of heat and cold, a pad against injuries and a wine nutritional reserves.


Researchers at the University of California and the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, chronic stress increases the amount of cortisol, which damages the skin's ability to retain water and decrease the brightness. Cortisol also raises blood sugar levels, which through a process called glycation damages the collagen and elastin, the protein fibers that keep skin soft and hydrated.


It is characterized mainly by the moisture deficit which, apart from being unsightly, can affect hair health producing rough, scaly skin, causing premature wrinkles, irritation and exfoliation. It is caused by a malfunction of the sebaceous glands do not produce enough fluid to lubricate the skin and protect against loss of water, sometimes it is related to a deficiency of vitamins and minerals, many times the dry skin is the result some diseases, particularly acne, eczema, psoriasis and even hypothyroidism. Science has found that the stress hormone, cortisol, literally, into the skin, causing dryness and other signs of aging.


    Avoid the sun

    Drink several glasses of water recommended (5 glasses of water in the morning)

    Eat a good variety of fruits vegetables especially containing vitamins A, B and C, eg carrots, spinach, squash, watermelon, broccoli, tomato etc ...

    And the primary care of the skin is to wear a mask three times a week and this should be for life and care for our bodies in the daily bath, the face is the part that receives more damage is the most care needs.

    MASK: Take one egg yolk and mix with olive oil or almond oil, leave for 15 minutes, remove with warm water.


Its texture is thicker due to increased sebaceous glands, are affected by climate change, its characteristic is excessive accumulation of fat and appear in highly visible parts such as the forehead chin and nose is unsightly and causes problems health, resulting in hair with seborrhea, acne in all its manifestations in pimples and blackheads. Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for triggering the sebaceous hypersecretion appearance of acne. For this reason, the condition can be particularly virulent in humans and persist throughout life, this hormone is particularly aggressive at skin level, with the collaboration of an enzyme in the sebaceous gland, which in the case of acne skin, has greater activity. The causes are related to people with emotional problems, especially extroverts, shy and self-conscious. The lack of adequate rest, insomnia, hypochondria and gynecological disorders are other causes of the outbreak of oily skin. Also poor diet, especially saturated fat consumed from mammals, as the case of sausages, ham or lamb and pork produce in the long greasy complexion increasingly difficult to correct, much more if people do not get to the same time lots of vegetables and fruits.

HOW TO CONTROL excess fat on your skin

    Reduce consumption of red meat and substitute chicken or turkey

    Do not eat chocolate

    Eat plenty of vegetables, is recommended daily

    And most important to have a mask with the white of egg containing collagen (three days). Another way is to apply an oatmeal mask. As I said before these masks are time do not think it applied 5 times and the results already obtained, this must be constantly do it as a routine in your life and see the results over time.


Combine the above two types. The forehead, nose and chin are generally acids, while the cheeks have a dry appearance. A variant of the dry skin, sensitive skin that reacts to external stimuli or internal, more strongly than others. Then redness, blemishes and pimples will come out, and often also allergic


    In all cases it is advisable to consume plenty of water
    Having a balanced diet with fruits and vegetables
    And most important egg mask with crystals of aloe and strawberry, mixed and applied for 15 minutes to remove rinse with hot water and then placed a cloth with cold water.

How can one simple book make such an impact on your life you ask? Leon herself has dedicated the past decade of her life researching, analyzing and experimenting with different beauty care solutions and recipes.

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