Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Glycolic acid and recommended for acne

Acne is a skin problem which blocks the pores and sometimes inflamed and pimples occur. Glycolic acid is often recommended for acne but it's very helpful to you?

The oils in the skin can clog pores causing acne in order to properly treat this condition is necessary to reduce oil production. You also need to deal with any bacterial infection that occurred within the skin and increase skin cell turnover.

You can help reduce oil on your skin by using oil-free products for skin care. You can use a product such as benzoyl peroxide to fight infection as antibacterial agents. To increase the turnover of skin cells can be used as glycolic acid helps remove dead cells of the upper layer that allows the growth of new skin cells.

concentration of glycolic acid is actually used by many industries as an agent of rust removal in order to see how it would be useful as exfoliating the skin. The strength of 'acid that is used for the skin is much less than the concentrated, usually less than 10%. However, because of its strength, some doctors are concerned about the patient self-treatment with glycolic acid.

There are some types of acne should not be treated with an exfoliating treatment. Acne Rosacea for example, acne is not actually even though its name suggests is, this condition does not respond well to peeling.

If you suffer from pimples you should also avoid exfoliation as you can open the pustules on the skin and spread the infection. With the spread of the disease develops acne and pimples will soon have more burst.

You can spend a lifetime to treat your acne and you may be able to reduce for a while ', but keep new pimples to appear. It 'best to treat acne holistically in order to get rid of everything. You need to start trying to find the cause of your acne so you can avoid.

Take a look at the whole care products that currently use the skin as well as hair products. products for skin care and hair products are a common cause of acne if your skin reacts to them. Cosmetics can also cause acne, especially if makeup is not washed off properly at the end of the day.

an unhealthy diet is another cause of acne. Foods that are rich in sugar or saturated fat can contribute to the condition, in order to change your diet to one that includes lots of fruits and vegetables should effectively reduce your acne. Also make sure you are drinking plenty of water each day to flush toxins from your body and also to keep your skin moisturized.

Having a good skin care routine cleansing, toning and moisturizing your skin every day. Always at night to wash off the makeup and wash away dirt and sweat that has built up during the day.

If you are considering a glycolic acid acne treatment, then seek advice from your doctor or a dermatologist first. The doctor will let you know if you think this type of treatment could be useful.

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